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Coaching by
Robbie Dauterive

Coach Robbie Dauterive's expertise in coaching has won him 10 Louisiana State Wrestling Championships. He has a proven track record of success in coaching high school wrestling. Robbie is equipped to provide mental preparation, motivation, and guidance to athletes of all ages, helping them achieve success in both sports and life.

Coach Robbie
Coach Robbie

Services for

  • Goal Setting

  • Mental Toughness

  • Routines

  • Academics

  • Organization

  • Recruiting Assistance

  • Social Media Management

  • Weight Management

  • Match Plans

  • Building and Maintaining Motivation

Services for
Wrestling Coaches

  • Aid in Fundraising

  • Team Building

  • Designing Practice & Competition Schedules

  • Team Development

  • Dynasty Building

  • On-Campus Recruiting

Services for

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Accountability

  • Match Day Preparation

  • Services during Pre-season & Off-season

  • Building and Maintaining Routines

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